I’m an East Coast native who grew up in the small town of Carlisle, PA and am now living in the sunny city of San Diego, CA.

You’ll find me in a few places these days: on my ’12 Road Glide Custom exploring this beautiful country on a road trip, on my KTM 520 EXC flying through the desert, riding a wave and trying to get in the green room, trying to spear a fish for dinner, boxing, low crawling the 4Runner and dreaming of single axle swaps, taking the dog to the beach, trying to get better at welding, or working on getting my frontside 5-0 grinds in the deep end just a bit longer and trying not to think about being 35 or the concrete below.

Thanks for stopping by!

Skateboarder – Surfer – Adventurer – Motorcyclist – Competitive eater – Keeper of 2 cats and 1 dog